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Leadership rivals Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd's constituencies under threat as mass rally hits London to protest at pay cap. Public sector workers will play a decisive role in the next general election, new GMB figures show. [...]
The authority used every legal argument they could to avoid paying out, but after years of wasting everyone’s time they failed. GMB, the union for local government workers, has scored a huge victory after St Helen’s council paid out £3.5 million to members. [...]
GMB Scotland has today (Wednesday 12 October) warned that industrial action at both of Scotland’s nuclear power stations could leave the country without a third of its electricity supply this Christmas, as a dispute over cuts to staff terms and conditions intensifies. The biggest trade union in the UK nuclear [...]
Fears are running high that this may be a blueprint for future UK trade deals with the US post-Brexit. GMB members working for Bombardier in Northern Ireland will today meet Owen Smith to ask for more action to safeguard their jobs. [...]
Once again the hard-working, highly-skilled shipyard workers in Portsmouth have received a further blow after the recent demise of the city's 500-year-old shipbuilding industry. GMB, the union for shipbuilders, is once again calling on Portsmouth MPs to do more following the death of the city’s 500-year-old shipbuilding industry. [...]
The NDA should be scrapped in its current form and redesignated as the Nuclear Development Agency says GMB. GMB, the union for nuclear workers, has said the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is not fit for purpose and requires wholesale overhaul after a contract bungle cost the tax payer £122million. [...]
Without new funding 'productivity improvements' just looks like code for cuts to jobs and services. GMB, the union for NHS staff, has slammed Jeremy Hunt’s pay cap announcement today as nothing more than a ‘con trick’. [...]
The Government needs to use whatever influence it believes it has to get Boeing to back off immediately. GMB, the union for Bombardier workers, says the Government must go beyond ‘fluffy words’ to protect the livelihoods of Bombardier workers. [...]
Rather than pretending it is their way or no way and that they are in some way above the law and therefore not bound to follow the laws of the land as all other employers are required to do, these companies need to play by the rules says GMB. [...]
Today’s announcement by BAE is yet another blow to the UK’s manufacturing sector. GMB, the union for aerospace workers, has told the Government to stop dithering and develop a plan to safeguard highly skilled defence jobs. [...]

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